• Bayh Says "Arrivederci" to Senate

    Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh will announce today that will not be seeking reelection this November, thus, in a sense, Bayh is saying "So long!" to his days as a public servant

    "My decision was not motivated by political concern," Bayh is expected to say. "Even in the current challenging environment, I am confident in my prospects for re-election."…

    His retirement is a blow for Senate Democrats. Bayh's universal name recognition and popularity — not to mention his massive campaign warchest — made him a favorite in the fall despite the Republican tilt of the state and the increased focus of national GOP strategists on the contest.

    This seems like a huge win for the GOP. Even if the Democrats poured a ton of money into that election — which is something they were not planning on needing to do — I don't see how they'd even be able to purchase a win there.

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