• No Recording Allowed at Sarah Palin's First State GOP Event in Arkansas

    Tonight Sarah Palin arrives in Little Rock to address the Arkansas Republican Party, the first time she's headlined a state GOP event — oooh, and right in Mike Huckabee's backyard. Maybe they'll have a folksy-off at dawn.

    One thing that won't happen is any taping of Palin's appearance, according to KTHV in Little Rock

    The state GOP also says the media will not be able to get any footage of Palin during the entire event. That includes her arrival, her speech inside the arena and her departure.

    They will only let us sit inside and take notes during Palin's remarks and later get crowd reaction outside.

    [State GOP chairman Doyle] Webb says they're following protocal [sic] from the Washington Speaker's Bureau that's organizing Palin's visit. We tried to contact the Washington Bureau for an explanation, but their offices have been closed since Friday afternoon. State GOP leaders here couldn't provide any further contact numbers for the bureau.

    Inneresting. Well, here's the Washington Bureau's website's FAQ section, which reads in part:

    Q: Is it possible to record the speaker's presentation?

    A: Most speakers approve recording for archival purposes, but every speaker is different, and some are sensitive about taping. In all cases, you need to ask permission from WSB before recording of any kind.

    So it sounds like the recording/no recording question may be up to the speakers, not the bureau, and for some crazy reason — I can't think of one off the top of my head — Sarah Palin doesn't want to be taped. Weird! I wonder why that's a problem.

    Anyway, let's hope those KTHV reporters scribble lots of notes on their palms while she's talking.

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