• Barack Obama Really Needs to Stop Killing Those Poor Terrorists, Says Bush Official

    Hmmmmm… It seems that Viet Dinh — co-author of the Patriot Act and former member of Bush administration — is very concerned that Barack Obama might be killing terrorists at too great a rate. Okay. I see…

    You know, I'm beginning to get the distinct impression that President Obama will not be able to find a way to satisfy these people…

    At a panel on national security policy at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, a prominent lawyer from the Bush administration's Department of Justice said he was concerned that the higher number of terrorist executions taking place under Obama was compromising U.S. intelligence operations

    "That doesn't mean I think they are not illegitimate," he added. "No, we have every right to kill the other side's warriors. But at what cost? When we do not have an effective detention policy the only option we have is to kill them before we can detain them. And if we don't detain them, we don't know what they know and what they are up to."

    Why do these people even make the attempt at rationalizing their opposition anymore? Wouldn't it just be easier to hurl some excrement at Obama and call it a day?

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