• Seth MacFarlane Responds to Sarah Palin's Response to Important Cartoon Controversy

    Believe it or not, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has responded to Sarah Palin about whatever whatever whatever. To be totally honest, I can't even dredge up the energy to pretend to make like I kind of care about this stupid manufactured Palintroversy or what comes out of MacFarlane's huge hamhock head on a Monday afternoon. Isn't there some piece of tin foil in need of chewing that could be a better use of my time?

    I realize that in this sad and confusing world, everybody needs distractions and make-believe things to care about, but some really are more exhausting than others. And this one is zombifyingly exhausting (which probably actually means something if you think about it long enough).

    To my mind, Gawker's Foster Kamer explained the situation best

    Like clockwork:

    1. Seth MacFarlane makes "controversial" episode of thing meant to entertain with Sarah Palin joke.

    2. Sarah Palin joke elicits Sarah Palin reaction on internet and TV.

    3. Sarah Palin reaction elicits Seth MacFarlane reaction.

    4. Separate reactions of Sarah Palin and Seth McFarlane are yielded by "controversy," producing more "controversy."

    5. More "controversy" yields NYT story.

    6. Family Guy gets press, Sarah Palin gets soapbox, Fox gets viewers for Palin's argument on Fox News and for Family Guy's ratings, worthy cause gets talked about more. Everybody "wins."

    Wake me up when President Palin has Peter Griffin shipped off to Guantanamo Bay for re-education.

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