• U.S. Beats Canada in One Thing They Care About, Sport We Kind of Like

    Oh my God, fellow Americans! We did it! We fucking did it! Last night, we beat Canada in that icy stick game that some of us kind of like playing! Can you even believe it?! I couldn't when I just read about it a minute ago! It's like an amazing distracting daydream come true!

    The Coca-Cola commercials exhorting the hosts to show everybody how "our game" is played nicely illustrates how much of the 2010 Olympic legacy in Canada is tied to what happens in this one venue…

    During the 60 minutes of hockey… the constant, revved-up atmosphere served as the backdrop for a classic contest that lived up to every bit of the anticipation, disregarding the little detail of Canada's losing.

    Score this game USA 5, Canada 3, an entire country crushed.

    The atmosphere down here beneath the 49th Parallel is just dizzying! People all over America are nodding their heads in approval of this glorious upset as their coworkers inform them that this thing has happened! And in our seventh-most-popular sport (after golf), no less! Finally, Canada has been put in its place by the United States!

    Hopefully, this will teach our Canadian Olympic hosts a little lesson in humility.

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