• Jeb Bush on Sarah Palin: "Um, no."

    Jeb Bush was recently asked by Newsmax what he thought of the prospects of a Sarah Palin presidential run

    "My personal belief is that for Governor Palin to be a successful candidate for higher office, she needs to take this charisma she has and also add to it some depth of understanding of the complexity of life that we're living in today.

    "If she had the combination of that, she would be a formidable candidate."

    Also, if she had wings and radiation-proof skin, she could fly up to the sun, build a palace out of molten sun materials and declare herself Queen of the Solar System. So, you know, that's also on the table.

    This statement is essentially the exact same thing that every person on the left has been saying about her for the past year-and-a-half, but Bush managed to do it without using either the words "brain" or "dead."

    That's diplomacy.

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