• Jobs Bill Passes Senate Despite Overwhelming Support

    Although facing strong opposition (apparently?) from Americans angered by the lack of jobs and poor economy, the U.S. Senate has somehow managed to pass a bill to help get jobs for Americans and possibly stimulate the economy.

    Oh, that Senate and its wasteful spending! Grrrr!

    Companies that hire the unemployed would claim new tax breaks under a jobs-promoting bill the Senate passed Wednesday, delivering President Barack Obama and Democrats a much-needed victory.

    The 70-28 vote sends the bill back to the House, which passed a far more costly measure in December. Many in the House consider the Senate bill too puny, but they may simply adopt it and send it to Obama in order to get a win. Democratic leaders promise more so-called jobs bills are on the way.

    Do you know who I feel bad for in all this? Not the Americans who will be put to work despite their vehement protestations, but a droopy little -Democratic Senator from Connecticut.

    If Joe Lieberman had only been informed ahead of time that Scott Brown would be voting with the Democrats, thus giving it the wind to get passed, he could have a thought up a reason to oppose it. And then we'd all be talking about him today.

    Poor little guy.

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