• House GOP Avoids Hypocrisy in Taking Stimulus Money

    A little over a year ago the House of Representatives passed the $787 billion stimulus measure without a single Republican vote — not one. That is how much the House GOP hates stimulus spending, and if you can't put your mouth where your money is (or, in this case, where you wish the money wasn't), then what's the point of being in Congress?

    Getting some of that stimulus money for your own district, of course. What? No! It's not hypocritical at all

    Amid mounting criticism, House Republicans said this week it is not hypocritical to vote against the stimulus and later seek money from it for their districts.

    After standing united in opposition to the president's economic stimulus bill a little more than a year ago, many Republicans have touted the benefits of that measure back in their districts, according to a comprehensive list compiled by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

    But key House Republicans argue that a vote against the stimulus bill should not prevent them from writing a letter on behalf of constituents seeking grants available from the $787 billion measure. Some of them do say, however, that Republicans should refrain from attending photo-ops.

    Well, that makes sense.

    Hypocrisy only exists if it's caught on tape.

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