• Sarah Palin's Spin Doctor Provides Heartfelt, Honest Reason for Jumping Ship

    In what can only be seen as an excellent sign for the forthcoming Palin/Beck ticket, Meghan Stapleton — spokesperson¬† and adviser for Sarah Palin — has announced that she is leaving her place in the partial-term governor's inner circle in favor of an advisory position with a person of some degree more seriousness and mental acuity

    "While it has been an honor to help Gov. Palin and her family over the last few years, I am also honored to have this incredible opportunity to stay home with my precious miracle, Isabella," Stapleton told Politico.

    "[She is] 2 years old, [and] I have missed significant moments in her life, but I look forward with great happiness to celebrating milestones as well as mundane moments with her as I refocus my priorities. I also look forward to seeing my saint of a husband again, too!"

    In all honesty, I don't blame Stapleton. It must be tempting to move into a job which requires less cleaning up of shit.

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