• SNL Presidents Reunion on Funny or Die

    Funny or Die and Ron Howard put together this pretty neat video of Saturday Night Live alum doing their presidential characters together. Look, there's Fred Armisen as Barack Obama (and Maya Rudolph as Michelle Obama)! And Will Ferrell as George W. Bush and Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton!

    Hey, there's Dana Carvey as George Bush, Sr. and Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford! And Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter! Oh, look, there's Ronald Reagan. Who's playing him? Why, it's classic SNL performer… Jim Carrey? Um, okay. Sure…

    I know that I was probably supposed to be paying attention to some kind of message about how we should be giving the banks more (or was it less?) money or something, but I was kind of preoccupied with marveling at Jimmy Carter's amazing girth. I guess he must have eaten Walter Mondale or something.

    Maybe the answer to that mystery is in this making-of video after the jump (Spoiler Alert: Don't count on it)…

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