• Dennis Kucinich Loves Health Care Reform, But He's Not In Love with Health Care Reform

    Rep. Dennis Kucinich really, really cares about passing health care reform legislation. I mean really, really, really cares. How much does Rep. Dennis Kucinich care about passingĀ  health care reform legislation?

    So much that he's willing to be the deciding vote against health care legislation. (Man, that guy's serious about passing health care legislation)…

    "This bill represents a giveaway to the insurance industry," Kucinich told MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell. "$70 billion a year, and no guarantees of any control over premiums, forcing people to buy private insurance…I'm sorry, I just don't see that this bill is the solution."

    Asked, "Did we just get a "no" there?" Kucinich confirmed. "If that sounded like a "no" you're correct," Kucinich said.

    Pressed further, Kucinich suggested he was willing to be the deciding vote against health care reform. "Every vote counts. I'm one of 435 members of the House of Representatives," Kucinich insisted.

    You have to give it to Kucinich. This is an imperfect health care bill going up before the House, and he is proving himself to be a man of principles. Strong, unwavering, stubborn principles. All of America should be thanking Dennis Kucinich for his principles. God knows we can use them.

    "Principles" is a synonym for bandages and medicine, right?

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