• Harry Reid Promises Filibuster Reform Just as Soon as He's Re-Elected, So You Might as Well Just Go Ahead and Start Holding Your Breath

    You might think that Harry Reid is a ball-less ineffectual Senate Majority Leader, but it's not true. Just look at this: He's promising to change filibuster rules

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) pledged on Wednesday to take a serious look at revising the filibuster rules at the beginning of the next Congress, calling the current level of obstruction in the Senate unacceptable.

    First of all, no you're not, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. This is a nice sentiment, and it's fun to make promises and all, but you and all of everybody in the world knows that "at the beginning of the next Congress," you're going to be cleaning the dead opossums out of your pool in Nevada. Sorry to drop reality on Harry your fantasy camp, but somebody has to be the dick here.

    But, hey, what's the harm in pretending. I yield the post to the Senate Majority Leader (for now)…

    "The filibuster has been abused. I believe that the Senate should be different than the House and will continue to be different than the House," Reid said. "But we're going to take a look at the filibuster. Next Congress, we're going to take a look at it. We are likely [Ed note: read as "unlikely"] to have to make some changes in it, because the Republicans have abused that just like the spitball was abused in baseball and the four-corner offense was abused in basketball."

    Reid's embrace of filibuster reform comes after he previously threw cold water on the likelihood of getting the rules changed. His reference to the "next Congress" stands out. To change Senate rules in the middle of the session requires 67 votes, which Democrats clearly don't have. But changing the rules at the beginning of the 112th Congress will require the chair to declare the Senate is in a new session and can legally draft new rules. That ruling would be made by Vice President Joe Biden, who has spoken out against the current abuse of the filibuster. The ruling can be appealed, but that appeal can be defeated with a simple majority vote.

    "A simple majority vote," you say? Hmmmm… I see…  I'm sorry, but I am completely unfamiliar with such a concept.

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