• Karl Rove Spins Out of Control, Likens Conservatives to Fecal Matter

    Pretend you didn't read the headline of this post and guess who said the following:

    "No president, not even Ronald Reagan, will get a perfect score on a purity test once in office. Reagan, after all, raised taxes by what at the time was a record amount and signed an immigration-amnesty bill," said [REDACTED].

    Michael Moore? Susan Sarandon? "Daily Kos," whoever that is? Wrong, it's Karl Rove, speaking to the National Review. You remember Karl Rove. Small guy with a potato-shaped head. Arch-wizard of conservative propaganda. What he's doing here is spinning as only Karl Rove can spin –  his very next sentence was:

    "And President Reagan still belongs on Mount Rushmore. You take a statesman in the totality of his actions."

    See? That crafty genius is building an Ark of Hypocrisy for Republicans to climb aboard whenever the hot water starts rising. For it before you were against it? Against it before you were for it? It's okay! Details don't matter, only the totality of your actions, and you get to keep adding long after you're dead/out of office, whichever happens (or is noticed) first.

    He hasn't worked in the White House for over a year, but Rove hasn't lost his edge…

    Rove also said though that the reaction from movement conservatives is sometimes difficult to gauge from the White House.

    "Conservatives are a frothy mix," Rove said.

    Um, a frothy mix?

    If this is part of an elaborate reverse-psychology conservative media strategy, I cannot wait to see what's next… a Michele Bachmann campaign video in which she barbecues the Constitution while listening to Joan Baez, maybe?

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