• The Best Little Texas Moments on The Daily Show

    As you may have heard, Texas — in its infinite folksiness — has decided that it's had enough with east coast, liberal, egg head concepts like objectivity in education, real life, and not just doing whatever the fuck they want. So, its state Board of Education decided to go ahead and re-write history to de-emphasize communists like Thomas Jefferson, and super-emphasize patriots like Newt Gingrich.

    In celebration, we've decided to unload our collection of the best Daily Show messin' with Texas moments into this here ceiling while jumpin' around from leg to leg and yelpin' "Yeeehaaaw!" at the top of our lungs, as is our understanding of Texas culture that we have accurately gleaned from cartoons…

    August 17, 2004: Don't Mess With Don't Mess With Texas

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    March 30, 2009: Borderline Cops

    May 9, 2005: No Child's Sweet Behind

    February 27, 2007: Loathe Thy Neighbor

    January 10, 2006: Ready, Willing and Cable

    March 15, 2005: Kill Phil

    September 27, 2005: Oil Vey!

    August 21, 2003: Runaway for the Border

    April 21, 2004: Comfortably Dumb

    September 26, 2005: Rita's Digest

    March 13, 2003: Death Row Disappointment

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