• Political Nerds Preparing to O.D. on C-Span's Complete 23-Year Archive

    Attention political geeks, policy dorks and legislative turdmunchers: C-Span is getting ready to steal those last few remaining unused neurons that you were planning to one day put toward having a social life

    C-Span has uploaded virtually every minute of its video archives to the Internet. The archives, at C-SpanVideo.org, cover 23 years of history and five presidential administrations and are sure to provide new fodder for pundits and politicians alike.

    Just listen to these sobering Scared Straight-style warnings from Poindexters who seem to have already been sucked in by the video archive's mag-nerd-ic tractor beam…

    Having free online access to the more than 160,000 hours of C-Span footage is "like being able to Google political history using the 'I Feel Lucky' button every time,” said Rachel Maddow, the liberal MSNBC host.

    Ed Morrissey, a senior correspondent for the conservative blog Hot Air, said, "The geek in me wants to find an excuse to start digging."

    You see what you've done, C-Span? You've found common ground between Rachel Maddow and Ed Morrissey. I hope you're happy with yourself.

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