• The Six Groups You Meet in Drug Heaven

    Ugh! Look at this hippy shouting for a reform of our drug laws! Probably so he can get back to shooting PCP into his eyeballs without having to worry about a jail term interfering with his hemp-braiding business.

    What's he talking about? The six groups who are benefiting most from the war on drugs? I don't even know. I couldn't hear anything he was saying over the sound of how much he probably smells like Patchouli.

    Jeeze, if these Deadheads were half as good at keeping a steady job as they were at coming up with sensible, well-reasoned arguments for changing the way our country deals with its drug problem, they'd have enough money to join the establishment…

    Get a haircut!

    (via Dan Savage)

    Tags: Cocaine, Crime, Drugs, Marijuana, Money, Prison, Ronald Reagan, Terrorism


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