• The Story of How I Tried to Write about Bret Baier's Interview with President Obama

    Mary: Hey, boss. I want to do a post about Obama's appearance on Fox News yesterday, that cool? They've got the transcript up, and I think the–

    Dennis: Okay, but what is the angle of the post?

    Mary: Well, I was going to say that I–

    Dennis: Are you sure? Have you got another idea for it?

    Mary: Baier wouldn't let the president finish his thoughts, which, I mean, he clearly wanted soundbites and Obama wasn't–

    Dennis: This post will be one-sixth of our afternoon content, do you realize that? One-sixth.

    Mary: I know, I–

    Dennis: So how can you–

    Mary: The notion that–

    Dennis: –guarantee it's not–

    Mary: –speaking in complete paragraphs is–

    Dennis: –the same as–

    Mary: Dude, you've got to let me finish my–

    Dennis: We're almost out of time. Do you think you can have something ready to post in like ten minutes?

    Mary: I–

    Dennis: I apologize for interrupting you, I'm just trying to get the most for our buck here.

    Mary: Ten minutes, yeah, fine.

    Dennis: Thank you very much.

    Mary: No, thank you.

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