• Louie Gohmert Wants to Give You the Right of Not Voting in Senate Elections Ever Again

    Feeling downtrodden? Of course you are! That's because members of the federal government are power-mad, usurping the rights of states and everyday people like yourself by passing legislation like it's their job or something.

    A solution, presented by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Crazytown): repeal the 17th Amendment. Get it? That's the one that allows everyday people like yourself to vote for Senators, instead of having state legislators appoint them…

    Rep. Gohmert stated, "The usurpation of the rights of the states and of the people perpetrated by the U.S. House [in passing health care reform] is blatant, arrogant, and cries out for action. A potentially bankrupting 'mother of all unfunded mandates' needs to be stopped. The courts may or may not do it, but the states are not helpless. [...]

    Ever since the safeguard of State legislatures electing U.S. Senators was removed by the 17th Amendment in 1913, there has been no check or balance on the Federal power grab for the last 97 years.

    A better idea: why not stop electing U.S. Senators entirely? We can just wait for God (white Christian version only, pls!) to give someone a signal.

    This would work for the House of Representatives and the presidency, too.

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