• Chuck Grassley Wants to Come Between Barack Obama and His Doctor

    "Reconciliation" of the health care legislation took place in the Senate late last night, but that's a terrible word for what happened — maybe someone should revise the title of the bill to "the Health Care and Education GOP Punching Bag Act."

    In the end, Democrats defeated more than two dozen amendments aimed at weakening/destroying/rewriting health care reform, and the GOP was only able to nitpick apart a couple minor provisions relating to the distribution of Pell education grants. Our friend Chuck Grassley, previously riding a high from all his successful work on health care, saw one of his own amendments get struck down

    Under another proposal, offered by Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), Obama and members of Congress would have been required to buy insurance through state-run exchanges that were created by the legislation and that will start in 2014. The amendment failed, but the White House announced that Obama would use the exchanges anyway, apparently assuming he will win reelection in 2012. That prompted Grassley to quip: "This is a little presumptuous."


    Now that health care reform has passed, how can President Obama assume anyone will even be alive to vote in 2012?

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