• Robert Gates Promises Military to Ease Up on the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Stuff

    Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is today announcing plans to relax the U.S. military's currently-used strict "Get Those Gays Out of Here" policy of dealing with homosexual soldiers, making it more difficult for gay soldiers to be relieved of duty for being gay soldiers

    Officials said the new steps would include a requirement that only a general or admiral could initiate action in cases where service members were suspected of violating the prohibition against openly gay service in the armed forces.

    The guidelines would also raise the standard required for evidence to be presented in such cases, an effort to prevent "malicious outing" by a third party or jilted partner, officials said.

    So, apparently, producing a fellow soldier's iPod which includes both versions — 1956 Original Broadway Cast and 1964 Film Soundtrack — of the My Fair Lady soundtrack will no longer count as evidence. Because that totally does not make you gay. It sometimes just means that you appreciate the works of Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe. (What?! They were really talented. Oh, shut up. You don't know anything.)

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