• Maybe Harry Reid Doesn't Want Health Care Reform After All?

    It passed the House, it became a big fucking deal, it went back to the Senate, it went back to the House, it performed a triple lutz and finally — finally — it stuck the landing

    The so-called reconciliation package, which also includes a major reorganization of the federal student loan program, passed the Senate Thursday afternoon 56-43 on a nearly party-line vote after a grueling night and day of roll-call votes during which Republicans sought to derail the bill.

    Later Thursday evening, House Democrats approved the same package 220 to 207 and formally concluded Democrats' tortuous 14-month drive to move major healthcare legislation through Congress for the first time in nearly half a century.

    Which is not to say there weren't a few glitches along the way…

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid mistakenly called out "no" Thursday when asked for his vote on the health care reconciliation bill, setting the chamber howling with laughter.

    Reid voted the wrong way when the clerk called for his vote, realized his error and quickly changed his vote to "yes."

    "He did it again," someone said amid laughter.

    Reid, who spent months persuading fellow senators to vote "yes" on President Obama's top domestic priority, made the same mistake December 24 when voting on the original health care bill. [Ed. note: Remember that?]

    His office said Reid made the gaffe because he was so focused on getting health care passed.

    Exactly! He was so focused on passing health care he made multiple attempts to stop health care from passing.

    Wasn't that the Democratic strategy all along?

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