• Rep. Paul Broun Wants People of All Faiths to Come Together and Honor His

    Ever notice how Americans are so rarely boiling baby goats in pots full of their mothers' milk? There's a reason for that, and it's called The Ten Commandments. You know the Ten Commandments; that's the document on which the United States (and all of Western Civilization for that matter) was founded, I think. Anyway, that's what Rep. Paul Broun says, and I see no reason to distrust him. He is a Christian, after all.

    So, seeing as how the Ten Commandments "have been part of the Nation's basic cultural fabric" and are "understood as an elemental source for United States law" and "have become a recognized symbol of law in the Nation's culture," we might as well pass a law making it legally binding that we set aside a weekend for all Americans to bow down before their graven image

    Resolved, That the House of Representatives –

    (1) supports the designation of Ten Commandments Weekend;

    (2) celebrates the significant role the Ten Commandments have played in the development of significant public and private institutions of the United States; and

    (3) encourages citizens of all faiths and religious persuasions to reflect on the important impact that the Ten Commandments have had on the people and national character of the United States.

    See that? This is not just a law for Christians and Jews. It's a law for everybody. Everybody is free to "reflect on the important impact" of Judeo-Christian belief, regardless of the evil heathen lie you swallowed whole from the Devil's very anus.

    How very inclusive of Broun. He's such a good Christian, isn't he?

    (via Chris Rodda)

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