• 200,000 Lucky Jobless Americans to Be Used as Pawns in Exciting Game of "Blue Senate vs. Red Senate"

    Good news, everybody! Unemployment benefits are about to be dropped for 200 thousand Americans.

    Good news? Huh? I know what you're thinking, but don't worry. It's for a very good reason: politics

    Thanks to congressional inaction, more than 200,000 laid-off workers could lose access to unemployment benefits this week, and no flood insurance policies will be renewed or issued until Congress returns on April 12 — despite record long-term joblessness and record rainfall…

    It's a game of political chicken: Democrats and Republicans in the Senate are each gambling that the other side will look worse for the lapse. Senate Republicans blocked the Democrats' $9 billion proposal to extend the programs on an emergency basis (without a funding offset); Democrats rejected a Republican proposal to pay for the programs by raiding stimulus bill funds. Party leadership in the Senate had apparently negotiated a one-week stopgap extension with a funding offset, which Senate Republicans said House Democrats rejected.

    Oooooooo! How exciting! I — like, I'm sure, all my jobless friends — can't wait to find out who wins this exhilarating battle of wills! Because, you know, when you're unemployed, your schedule's so open that distractions like these are super welcome.

    Thanks, United States Senate! You're the best!

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