• Happy New Chief of Staff Day, RNC!

    I wonder what strategy could address all the problems the RNC's been having lately, from bondage club binges to fleeing donors. Hmmmm. If only chairman Michael Steele could pressure his chief of staff, Ken McKay, into quitting… oh hey, he did!

    Don't worry, Republicans, there's a strong new RNC chairman chief of staff waiting in the wings. Everyone say hi to Mike Leavitt, whom you may remember from his stint on John McCain's fabulous 2008 presidential campaign…

    The move won quick praise from other RNC veterans.

    "Mike is a very smart political operative and effective manager of people and resources," ex-RNC chair Ed Gillespie said in an e-mail. "He knows the chairman well and how best to maximize his strengths. He also has very good relations with the other committees and Republican strategists. Chairman Steele's decision to put Mike Leavitt in charge of the building will be reassuring to a lot of Republicans."

    I'm not so sure about the first part, or the last part, but it is true that Mike Leavitt knows the chairman well — after all, he led Michael Steele's 2006 Senate campaign.

    You know, the one where Michael Steele lost by 10 points.

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