• David Cross on America's Self-Imposed, Collective Amnesia

    Yes, I realize that there's nothing particularly newsworthy about this chunk of an interview I just found with David Cross from a political viewpoint. I mean, he's not the envoy to Australistan* or anything. And it's not like he's making some huge revelation and we're all like, "Oh my God, he's right! People are sometimes ridiculous. Fire up the newspapers! This is going national!"

    But he is David Cross, and this is a Comedy Central blog, and, in general, I just like hearing what he has to say.** So, if you don't like it, you can go ahead and impeach me*** or whatever. I'm posting it

    [S]eeing how the hypocrisy… that's not even the right word… the complete convenient amnesia of what, and for people both on the left and right, what position they had just taken with Bush, whether they were pro-Bush or anti-Bush. And then when Obama got in office, they had just switched.

    People who were calling Bush "fascist" and "Hitler" are upset because people are calling Obama "fascist" and "Hitler," when they're both wrong. And people on the right who were saying, "You can't criticize the President during war time…" The fucking second (Obama) took his hand off that Bible, people were going "this guy is the worst guy ever, we need to [impeach] him." He had hardly been in office for five hours. It's just like, you just spent eight years doing the opposite of what you are talking about, and what so upsets you. And that's both left and right.

    In my lifetime, Obama is the most optimistic (president). I mean, Clinton, there was optimism there, but not even close to the level that people had with Obama. And then, you know, within, I guess it was three or four months maybe, you're like, "Oh right, he's a politician. All that stuff he was saying, oh he said that to get elected. Ah, I got it, I got it, I got it."

    So, Cross's New stand-up special Bigger and Blackerer is apparently premiering on Epix**** on Friday night. If it's anything like his live show in Chicago I wrote about on the CC Insider (and it seems like it will be), it should be great. There's a preview clip after the jump…


    * This might not actually be a country, strictly speaking. I think, technically, it might be a nation-state.

    ** Believe me, if Peter Gabriel or Steely Dan say anything even vaguely pertinent about politics, I'll be posting that, too.

    *** Just so you know, you will need a two-thirds majority. Of the world. (Or a one-oneth majority of my boss.)

    **** Epix?

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