• Rep. Bart Stupak to Announce Retirement Today

    The House's most staunchly anti-choice pro-life Democrat, Bart Stupak — unable to live with himself after the Faustian bargain he made with President Obama, haunted by the echos of his missteps — is expected to announce today that he cannot go on with this charade of an existence and has resolved to hurl his worthless body from the top of the Washington Monument.

    Well, figuratively speaking, of course

    Representative Bart Stupak of Michigan, who played a central role with fellow anti-abortion Democrats in negotiating a compromise in the final hours of the health care debate, intends to announce today that he is not seeking re-election, a senior party official confirmed…

    The National Republican Congressional Committee seized on the development, issuing a statement moments after the news began spreading of Mr. Stupak's decision: "Red Alert: Former Pro-Life Democrat throws in the towel rather than running on health care sellout."

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had no immediate comment, but one official conceded that the party did not have a strong candidate to field in the district in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

    And so it goes. Obama got what he wanted, but at what cost? The career of a colleague? The loss of a majority? The hope of a nation? The barbs of a news cycle?

    Was it worth it? Is anything worth anything? I stare across the shimmering surface of the Potomac, watching stray leaves blown in the gentle early morning breeze, like diminutive ships assail upon a sea of loneliness. And I think of Bart. I think of Bart.

    The End.

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