• Marvel Universe: Colbert for President – Fantastic Four Incident Drives Older Voters to Colbert

    After Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada announced that Stephen Colbert is still running for president in the Marvel Universe, we decided to follow up by contacting a reporter in that universe for updates on his campaign:


    Age of Consent Powers Colbert
    Ken Ellis, DB Staff Reporter


    With great power comes great responsibility. And, it seems, the senior votes, if Stephen Colbert's numbers in both the Pennsylvania and North Carolina primaries are any indication. Combine that with his steadily maturing numbers among the 62 and older crowd, and Colbert is very much presidential material.



    What's the secret to his sexagenarian success? Colbert has been reticent about uncovering a reason, especially in gray states like Pennsylvania, where his 36 percent of the silver-haired votes proved golden two weeks ago. Nevertheless, it hasn't stopped his age-advanced advocates from offering their own explanations.




    "Older voters like me have been around the block," said Charles Hawse, a retired trolley operator from Charleston, West Virginia, who's been visiting local nursing homes to promote the Colbert campaign for next week's primary. "We've come to realize that the people we elected into office before just aren't getting the job done."



    "What happened at the Baxter Building is a perfect example of why this country needs new leadership," said Rose Sanchez. Less than two weeks ago, the 63-year-old lost her part-time bank job — and badly needed additional income — following a nearby explosion that emanated from the Manhattan-based home of the Fantastic Four. "People were left without homes and jobs, and the government's kept quiet about the whole thing. It's like they're afraid of the negative energy it might have on the presidential election."



    Some elderlies offer more innocuous reasons for backing Colbert. "I like watching his show," explained May Parker, a Forest Hills, New York resident and volunteer worker in Chinatown's F.E.A.S.T. Project. "My nephew and I love watching him do that 'Colbert Bump' of his."


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