• Forget SEC Lawsuits: What's in the Goldman Sachs Steam Room?

    Goldman Sachs, once the invincible king of Wall Street, is in a lot of trouble. It is also in a very fancy new headquarters building. Let's examine the latter, because it's Monday morning and you'd probably rather read about "Awesome Abs" fitness classes than John Paulson's evil scheme to short the housing market.

    It's true, the new Goldman HQ has a gym that offers an "Awesome Abs" workout, which is good because the people who invent the next way to screw your 401(k) should at least be sexy the cafeteria serves "French Toast Baba pastries," "a deep panini lineup" and "deadly cupcakes."

    On the bearish side, vice presidents no longer have offices, and are forced to sit at "open-space workbenches" that the Wall Street Journal compares to "a typing pool." If these VPs are lucky they'll get promoted to managing director, which means upgrading to "windowless inside offices."

    No consensus on the steam rooms, though…

    The new steam rooms for men and women are drawing mixed reviews. Some employees find the idea of "steaming" with co-workers objectionable. Others, not so much. "Once you have seen your colleagues naked in the locker room, steaming with them isn't that weird," says one employee.

    Uh-oh! Don't let Rahm Emanuel hear that.

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