• Lindsey Graham: Bad American, Gay Guy, or Bad Gay American Guy?

    Here's some teabagger guy at a Greenville, S.C. teabagging party calling out his state's senior senator for his unAmericanness-slash-gayness…

    Wait, what? So now Lindsey Graham is a closeted gay? Have I been living in a gay-proof box or something? How did I never hear this?

    And then Wait, what? again, for the…

    "I need to figure out why you’re trying to sell out your own countrymen, I need to make sure you being gay isn't it."

    He needs to make sure that Graham's supposed gay-osity isn't the reason behind his supposed traitor-ism? There are so many degrees of Wait, what? contained in that one sentence, it's almost admirable. This guy, whomever he is, really went above and beyond the call of irrational bigotry to deliver that one.

    You, sir, truly are a voice of the zeitgeist.

    Tags: LGBT, Lindsey Graham, Republicans, Senate, South Carolina, Tea Party


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