• Osama bin Laden Kicked Off Facebook

    First, your friend Gary was kicked off for continuously spamming everybody's status updates with announcements for his electropunk band ColossaTron. Then your uncle Jay had his account suspended for accidentally posting pictures of his anus on 19 separate occasions. And now, Osama bin Laden has had his account disabled for the slight infraction of waging a jihadist holy war war against Western Civilization through the website's servers.

    Facebook's "terms of use" policies are fuckin' rough…

    Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's profile on social networking website Facebook has been shut down, after a security expert raised the issue with the website's U.S. owners.

    According to reports, Osama had a Facebook page named "The leader of the Mujahideen, Osama bin Laden", and he used it as a platform to show videos and speeches to Islamic militants…

    Internet terror expert and author Neil Doyle said: "Bin Laden, via his supporters, is clearly taunting his pursuers."

    Using Facebook to mock all of decent humanity… Just like your Aunt Cathy.

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