• The Disembodied Voice of Geico vs. The Teabaggers vs. Geico

    So, this appears to be how all this went down…

    1. Lance Baxter, the Geico voice-over guy — apparently annoyed with the torrent of racism and homophobia he'd been witnessing from the Teabagger movement — calls D.C. teabagger organization FreedomWorks and leaves a message requesting to know what percentage of them are "mentally retarded" and asking what their plans are for when one of their members goes crazy and kills someone.

    2. Instead of responding with either a rough estimate or a game plan, FreedomWorks' Matt Kibbe decides to make Baxter's voice message and telephone number available online.

    3. Bazillions of Teabaggers call Baxter.

    4. Baxter makes this video, detailing the story thus far, and featuring their messages to him…

    5. Geico becomes aware of the kerfuffle and spends approximately 13 seconds deliberating what to do.

    6. Geico fires Baxter.

    Seems to me as though all involved parties behaved in the mature and classy manners befitting the adults that they are.

    Congratulations, people! You did it!

    Tags: FreedomWorks, Tea Party, Washington DC


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