• Dick Cheney Slithers Into the Ring for Marco Rubio

    Man, even the politics get swampy in Florida. Governor Charlie Crist, whose face has evolved to resemble his state's famous citrus fruit, is running for the U.S. Senate as a… Republican? Independent? Let's go with "not Democrat." Meanwhile, the Tea Party's beloved Marco Rubio is salivating at the prospect of becoming a smoother-backed Scott Brown and Democrats are running someone named Kendrick Meek, also known as "third-place guy."

    Yesterday the race became even more interesting, for two reasons. First, Dick Cheney crawled out from wherever he's being kept, just so he could endorse Marco Rubio

    "Washington is broken and Congress is already overflowing with politicians who need pollsters to tell them what to think," Cheney said of Crist. "It certainly doesn't need another one. Now more than ever America needs leaders with the strength of conviction."

    Cheney called Rubio "a strong conservative leader." He urged Crist to either remain in the Republican primary, which he would almost certainly lose, or drop out of the race completely.

    …and second, Marco Rubio has been linked to a federal investigation involving personal expenses charged to Florida state GOP credit cards.

    No idea which of these do the most damage to Rubio's public image.

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