• Ohio GOP Sends Newsletter from Its Headquarters in 1962 Asking for Help Putting Rep. Betty Sutton "Back in the Kitchen"

    So, I understand there's some new Midwestern local politics scandal afoot involving small-minded bigotry and '50s-era views of gender roles.

    I wonder which party is the one that's being accused. I honestly have no idea which one it could possibly be

    A recent newsletter from the Republican Party in Medina County, Ohio, flagged by EMILY's List, contains a specific attack on Democratic Rep. Betty Sutton: "Let's take Betty Sutton out of the House and put her back in the kitchen."

    County GOP chairman Bill Heck told TPMDC that the newsletter was "an attention-getter" in terms of its political rhetoric. "I'm not sure that it was intended — in fact I'm positive that it was not intended to be sexist," said Heck. "In fact, it was speaking to the people of that district, and not intended to be a sexist comment."

    Exactly! Everybody in Betty Sutton's district knows that a request to help put a woman legislator "back in the kitchen" is totally, totally not sexist at all. Of course, you might not understand that, because you're not from Ohio's 13th [Ed note: Squaresville is a few districts over], but everyone from "The Big Medina" is cool and, like, totally gets it.

    So, why don't all you people just stop PMS-ing all over this story and get your cute little fannies to work bringing the rest of us some cold beers? Thanks, toots.

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