• Sarah Palin's Email Hacker Stands Trial for His Crime

    David Kernell, the little liberal tweep who hacked Sarah Palin's Yahoo account in 2008, is on trial in Tennessee. He claims he was just foolin' around on the internet, but it turns out he could get 50 years in prison! Wow. That would make him younger than John McCain is right now when he re-enters society. Kernell/Malia '60?

    The star of this courtroom drama is, of course, the victim herself. She testified at length about the harm Kernell's actions caused

    Answering [prosecutors'] questions, Palin said the hacking "caused a huge disruption in the campaign, in this federal election." The incident knocked the campaign "off-message," she said, forcing her to parry questions from reporters who assumed her personal account would hold "horrible e-mails" that might reveal she or her husband were having affairs, that she was under indictment or that her infant son, Trig, was not her biological child.

    Caused a huge disruption in a federal election? Knocked the McCain campaign off message? Prompted unnecessary gossip?

    Come on, governor, please stay focused. David Kernell is on trial here, not Sarah Palin.

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