• U.S. Politics Has a Lot to Learn from The Ukraine

    Is it really so much to ask that our own country's congressional business be conducted with one-fifth the aplomb and sobriety of the Ukrainian parliament's?

    As if this needed any explanation whatsoever

    Lawmakers in Ukraine scuffled with each other, throwing punches and eggs, as parliament met Tuesday to ratify a treaty with Russia that extends the latter's navy presence in the Ukraine's Crimean peninsula until 2042.

    The ruling Regions party eventually ratified the treaty but not before howls of protest from the opposition.

    Someone set off a smoke bomb inside the building, while Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn sought refuge behind an umbrella as he was pelted with eggs.

    I can, with all honesty, say that given the choice between smoke bomb attacks and talking-point debates on cable news networks, as a regular aspect of American political discourse, I'd go with smoke bomb attacks every time.

    Those involved come out looking decidedly more dignified I think.

    (via Videogum)

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