• Today in Filibustering: GOP Stops Stopping Financial Regulatory Reform, for Now

    They only lasted three days. Yesterday evening Senate Republicans (and Ben "The Cash Receptacle of Omaha" Nelson) dropped their filibuster of financial regulatory reform, which does not mean that financial regulatory reform passed, only that the Senate can begin discussing financial regulatory reform. Some people think that might be a helpful thing to have.

    Well, guess what? The GOP has a brand-new strategy

    After voting three times this week to block debate, GOP senators decided to reverse course and attempt to reshape the bill through the amendment process.

    So in the coming weeks, look for a number of exciting amendments to be introduced on the Senate floor: "An Amendment to Do the Exact Opposite of Whatever Harry Reid Says," "An Amendment to Feed Harry Reid to This Hungry Wolverine Right Here," "An Amendment to Remind Olympia Snowe That We Know Where She Lives," "An Amendment to Require the Recitation of the Entire New York City Telephone Book Before Any Vote on This Bill," etc.


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