• Indecision Internationale 2010: The "Doctor Who" General Election

    If you've never heard of Doctor Who — the forty-seven year running TV series on the BBC — stop now, find another article, there's probably one with Glenn Beck looking silly on it.

    Okay? Well, if you're still here, I'm assuming that you are familiar with the show about time-traveling alien The Doctor in a blue box obsessed with Earth and sticking his oar in around the universe, often pursuing or pursued by the metal-cased Dalek race. In Britain, it's pretty much the top rated show going and in the US the new season just broke audience records over at BBC America.

    It's so popular in Britain that it seems to have merged with the General Election campaign. The Radio Times, the UK equivalent of the TV times, ran three separate covers the other week, each with a different coloured Dalek matching the three main parties on the front with Westminster in the background, with the headline "Vote Dalek."

    The Labour Party ran this party political broadcast starring Sean Pertwee played by the son of the third man to play The Doctor, Jon Pertwee. The voice over at the end was David Tennant, the tenth man to play The Doctor. While another has the fifth Doctor, Peter Davison presenting Labour's record…

    And David Tennant has been on hand to promote the Labour Party in an unofficial capacity, promoting Labour against a Conservative opposition saying…

    "I would rather have Gordon Brown than David Cameron. I would rather have a Prime Minister who is the cleverest person in the room than a Prime Minister who looks good in a suit… I think David Cameron is a terrifying prospect. I think he's a regional newsreader who will jump on whatever bandwagon flies past. I get quite panicked that people are buying his rhetoric, because it seems very manipulative."

    While Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has been quoted over changes that might take place to the BBC if Cameron won…

    "Are we really going to put James Murdoch in place of it? Can you imagine how shit everything would be? Never mind the fine and glorious things that the BBC does, imagine how shit everything would be! Stuff would be shit! Let's not have really good restaurants, let's have Kentucky Fried Chicken!"

    And now the Green Party have run a now-removed-from-YouTube ad depicting red, blue, and yellow Daleks alongside a green rabbit, with the Sesame Street song "One of These Things Is Not Like The Others" with the rabbit finally destroying the Daleks with red laser beams from its eyes.

    However, for all the Labour-supporting antics of the cast of Doctor Who, it looks like the Conservatives are going to kick Labour out of power. An enemy even The Doctor cannot defeat…

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