• Arizona to Ban Hispanic-Americans from Learning About Hispanic-Americans

    Does anybody have any idea what the hell is going on in Arizona lately? Like, did somebody accidentally spill a tanker truck full of racism into the water supply or something?

    A bill that aims to ban ethnic studies in Arizona schools was signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Jan Brewer, cheering critics who called such classes divisive and alarming others who said it's yet another law targeting Latinos in the state…

    HB 2281 bans schools from teaching classes that are designed for students of a particular ethnic group, promote resentment or advocate ethnic solidarity over treating pupils as individuals.

    Are you telling me that Arizona children can no longer learn White American History? But how will they ever learn about the important contributions that White Americans have made to this nation's history? You think they're gonna cover any of that shit in regular old U.S. History? Yeah, keep dreaming.

    The bill also bans classes that promote the overthrow of the U.S. government.

    Oh, for the love of God! How are the kids supposed to get college credit if they can't take AP Insurrection now? Huh? And I guess that semester of Intro to Teabaggery was just a complete waste now!

    The bill was written to target the Chicano, or Mexican American, studies program in the Tucson school system, said state Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Horne… Horne has been trying to end the program for years, saying it divides students by race and promotes resentment.

    He singled out one history book used in some classes, "Occupied America: A History of Chicanos," by Rodolfo Acuna, a professor and founder of the Chicano studies program at Cal State Northridge.

    "To begin with, the title of the book implies to the kids that they live in occupied America, or occupied Mexico," Horne said last week in a telephone interview.

    And, also, Yuck! It's totally full of Chicanos! I mean, seriously, you should see this thing. Really now, how many Chicanos do you need in one book? Doesn't anybody understand the meaning of the word "excesivo"?

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