• Overwhelmingly Not-Hispanic Populace of America Overwhelmingly Agrees with Arizona's Law

    You will be happy to know that the majority of your fellow Americans are pretty okay with Arizona's "Show me your papers!" law

    The Pew Poll, conducted in early May, shows that more than 60 percent of Americans support the Arizona law's separate provisions, which give police increased authority to question and detain people they suspect of being in the country illegally…

    [Pew Research Center President Andrew] Kohut said he was particularly surprised about the level of support among Democrats. Fifty percent of Democrats said they support the law provision allowing police to question anyone they think may be in the country illegally.

    Very encouraging! Really makes you want to go out there and stop 6 out of 10 random people on the street and shake their hands and buy them lunch and thank them for doing such an excellent job at being Americans, huh?

    But, you're probably thinking, all of these people — this near-two-thirds majority of the country — they probably don't understand what this law really means. Would they all be so quick to support it if they knew that it meant that legal United States citizens of Latino lineage were going to be unfairly targeted by the police?

    Interesting question, you…

    "71 percent of Americans think that legal Latino citizens will be harassed by police. 71 percent! So you have 71 percent of Americans thinking that Latinos, legals, will be harassed, and they still support the measure!"

    That's former Reagan staff-member and conservative radio host Mark Levin, discussing the poll with a slavering Fox News host Megyn Kelly and pundit Mike Gallagher. Of course, as Megyn Kelly was quick to point out, Levin is totally wrong. (It's 66 percent, which, really, is practically zero percent.)

    Oh, hippos. When will you ever go extinct?

    (via This Week in Blackness)

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