• Sarah Palin Calls for All Americans to Stand Up and Say, "We're All Fearful, Angry Bigots Now"

    Sarah Palin sure has been vocal recently about how much she supports and wants everybody in the world to associate her with Arizona's recent decision to legalize racism, even going so far as to appear alongside Gov. Jan Brewer — who's also made huge leaps in institutional racism in the state's school system recently by signing laws to ban teachers with foreign accents and disallow classes in ethnic studies — for a news conference this past weekend

    As calls spread for an economic boycott of Arizona, the state's governor enlisted the help of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Saturday to defend a new law cracking down on illegal immigration…

    "It's time for Americans across this great country to stand up and say, 'We're all Arizonans now,'" Palin said.

    No, it's not quite time for that. It's probably just time for all the xenophobic, fear-driven, small-minded bigots who claim to be fighting for personal liberties but are all too willing to surrender other people's at their earliest convenience to stand up and say, "We're all Arizonans now." Of course, that might be a little misleading since I'm sure a lot of real Arizonans aren't actually "Arizonans," if you know what I mean. Maybe we should just come up with another name for those people. Oh, wait, we already have one. "Teabaggers."

    Oh and, in case you were wondering, this whole debacle. This decision to target any person with a dark complexion or a hint of an accent as a potential criminal. This isn't Jan Brewer's doing. Or even the Arizona legislature's doing. Nope. It's Barack Obama's. Because, okay why not?

    Jan Brewer and Palin blamed President Barack Obama for the state law, saying the measure is Arizona's attempt to enforce immigration laws because the federal government won't do it.

    That racist bastard! I always knew that guy hated brown people.

    (Photo via NY Daily News)

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