• Wasted Words: Horse Hate and Carnivore Guilt

    If there are two things that anyone who knows me knows about me, it's that 1) I love eating meat, and 2) I really enjoy masticating and ingesting the cooked flesh of animals. However, I'm also quite fond of feeling guilty about things a whole bunch. These past couple years — – with the help of Princeton Bioethics professor Peter Singer — I've managed to start synthesizing my affinities for carnivorism and guilt-having to rather impressive degrees. However, it wasn't until about six weeks ago, when my girlfriend and I adopted a shelter puppy that my guilt over eating animals that are smart enough to have emotions and personalities began to crest. (Because, lemme tell you, this dog looks totally delicious!)

    Anyway, I mention all that as prelude to pointing out that last week, I made a re-appearance on R.J. White's Wasted Words podcast and was asked to provide a topic of discussion. So, I figured it was a suitable forum for talking about my carnivore's guilt. If you're interested, you can listen to our conversation online here or subscribe to Wasted Words through iTunes by here.

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