• How in the World Could 44-Year Republican Arlen Specter Have Lost Last Night's Democratic Primary?

    I don't think humanity will ever come to grips with this mystifying mystery.

    Oh, the best minds of political science will no doubt beat their brains tirelessly against the rough, cold exterior of this conundrum, but their efforts will surely be in vain. For no intellect known to man will likely ever crack the riddle of why Pennsylvania Democrats did not give their senatorial nomination to 44-year elected-Republican Arlen Specter.

    Why, Arlen Specter?! Whhhhhyyyyyyyyyy??????!!!!

    How could this have happened? How could a state's registered Democratic electorate only give a man who has spent his entire career (up till a few months ago) opposing their interests a mere 47 percent of the vote? There must be some reasonable explanation! There simply must!

    Was Specter, perhaps, a victim of force majeure?

    "Turnout was terrible," [Pennsylvania] Gov. Edward G. Rendell said less than two hours before the polls closed here. And just about two hours after they had closed, he blamed the rain and the low turnout in Philadelphia for ending Mr. Specter's 30 years in the Senate.

    "The rain killed Arlen," Mr. Rendell said dejectedly. "Whatever chance he had went down with the rain."

    Oooooohhhh, it was the rain! Well, why didn't you say so to begin with? That makes all the sense in the world.

    Never mind, everyone. Mystery solved.

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