• Sue Lowden's Health Care Plan Flying Like a Phlegmatic Chicken

    Here's something we all learned today: Bartering chickens for doctor's appointments is not particularly popular with voters. Who would have guessed?

    The Chicken/Barter story hit on April 12th. The two polls prior to that date — from mid-February and early April — had [Nevada senatorial candidate Sue] Lowden at 47% and 45% of the vote, respectively, in the coming GOP primary…

    Two more polls came out in late April — those had Lowden down to 41% and 38%. Then a poll came out on May 11th that had her at 30%. And the most recent poll, completed four days ago, has her down to 26%. In other words, about a 20 point drop in a month. For the first time in months she's no longer in the lead.

    This is actually kind of unfair for Ms. Lowden. Trading livestock for health care actually is popular with a lot of people. Just not with voters.

    Mostly with people who are still on the feudal system. But just give them a few hundred years to catch up, and Lowden will bounce back hard. Just you wait and see.

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