• GOP Congressional Candidate Thought It Would Be a Good Idea to Go Ahead and Plagiarize President Obama (Because Nobody Pays Attention to What He Says, Right?)

    Here's some free advice I'm offering at no cost to the congressional candidates that I'm just giving away: Obviously, you're going to plagiarize your important speeches, right? Of course, you are. Every moron knows that writing a bunch of dumb words like some stupid idiot is for suckers.

    That said, it's kind of bad form to steal your stolen words from the guy that your party has spent the past two years demonizing. I mean, yeah, etiquette is totally lame and all, but it's kind of there for a reason…

    Vaughn Ward, a GOP candidate for Idaho's First Congressional district, is facing charges that he swiped key passages from Barack Obama's iconic 2004 Democratic National Convention speech for his own campaign kickoff speech in January.

    The specific passages in question have since been spliced together by a Tea Party activist who asks, "Who Is Vaughn Ward Really?"…

    Republican voters in Idaho will go to the polls Tuesday to choose between Ward and his challenger, State Rep. Raul Labrador. Recent polling shows Ward leading Labrador 31 percent to 28 percent, with undecideds making up 37 percent. A similar poll from earlier in May had Ward leading 34 percent to 16 percent.

    The video mash-up of the two candidates talking seems pretty damaging. That is, until you consider that in the Lost universe, maybe it was Obama who plagiarized the speech from Ward. And now they're both in heaven. Or something. (Ugh, sorry. What a shitty, lazy ending to this post. You can just tell that I didn't put the effort into thinking up a halfway decent way to wrap this story up, can't you? Really a shame, because the first paragraph had such potential.)

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