• An Open Letter to the Idiot Who Punched This Teabagger Guy in the Face

    Hey, Idiot! What are you, some kind of idiot?

    How fucking stupid can you be? First of all, this is the United States and the libertarians haven't taken over yet, so we still have laws. And I'm about 68 percent sure that one of those laws is that you're not allowed to go around punching people in the face. Even if they push you.

    Second of all, you do realize that this people are going to use this incident as some kind weird tortured proof that teabaggers are the peaceful, subjugated victims of brutish and violent liberals, right? Just look at some of the comments on the Fox Nation post…

    Yet again another example of the Hate Filled Liberal Democrats! Democrats are the Party of Hate!! (Ms-Indy)

    This is what happens when you back a rat into the corner. They come out fighting. The left will always resort to violence when they lose the argument… Peace loving, law-abiding American citizens have a right to demonstrate just as much as the radical left and illegals aliens have. (John)

    I’m also sick and tired of everyone quoting MLK's "words of wisdom." MLK was a communist, a fraud, and an anti-white bigot. (AngryWhiteMale)

    Here is the proof that Tea Partyers are violent. This Tea Party guy hit a guy in the fist with his face. (johngaltspeaking)

    Okay, that last one is actually kind of funny. But the ones before it are really annoying. So, please stop acting like an idiot and giving these people opportunities to write this shit.

    Some guy whose opinion nobody cares about

    p.s. Nice shot. That one punch looked like it really connected. Did you ever do any amateur boxing?

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