• Check Out This Gay Poll

    According to this new poll, a lot more people know that all of the gay people that they know are gay

    Seventy-seven percent of Americans now say they know someone who is gay or lesbian, a new CBS News poll finds – an increase of 35 percentage points since 1992, when a majority of Americans said they did not… More than six in ten Americans say they have a close friend, work colleague or relative who is gay or lesbian. Just 22 percent say they do not know anyone at all who falls into that category.

    Eight-four percent of Americans under 30 know someone who is gay or lesbian. Older Americans are less likely to know someone who is gay or lesbian: Just 66 percent of those over 65 say they do.

    Obviously, this poll is a snapshot of people's perception of homosexuality and the people they think they know. And it's good that more people are aware that some of their friends and family members are gay. But this poll is definitely not representative of reality, which looks more like this…

    (via Andrew Sullivan)

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