• The Onion: Candidate May Have Lied About Heroic Death in Vietnam

    From The Onion

    In a major scandal that could cast doubt on his political future, U.S. Senate candidate Chris Wilfred came under fire this week for comments he made alleging he had died heroically while fighting in the Vietnam War.

    Wilfred made the controversial claim during a speech Monday honoring three American soldiers recently killed in Afghanistan.

    "I know all too well the depth of their sacrifice, for I myself was killed on a battlefield far away from home," Wilfred, a three-term Democratic state representative, said to a crowd of hundreds. "But we who have laid down our lives — whether in Vietnam or Afghanistan—have done so with the knowledge that our deeds have kept our country safe."

    Added Wilfred, "Their deaths, like mine, were not vain."

    When did we, as a society, become so cynical as to doubt a fallen hero's testimonial of his death several decades earlier. This is not the America that grandfather died defending on three separate occasions. I ask you, what did his deaths mean?

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