• Sara Benincasa's New & Important Political Op-Ed Column

    Sara Benincasa — comedian, radio host and friend to Indecision (but probably not to Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann) — debuts her new weekly column about the President previously known as Barry Soetoro on Wonkette today. Yay! (But, also, Boohoo a little, 'cause we're a bit jealous.)

    Here's what we in the biz call an extracted portion of text…

    On Tuesday, no one could deny the rousing eloquence of Obama’s big speech from the Oval Office, a speech that was exactly like "I Have a Dream" plus Nixon's Checkers speech plus whatever the fuck Jesus said on the cross combined, only better…

    Then on Thursday, while Tony Hayward was getting stretched on the rack, Obama put on a magic suit and flew to outer space, where he pushed the Earth back so that we went back in time, and he saved us from an even greater disaster that could have happened, only we’ll never know it, because he is sworn to secrecy. That is the only reason for his "cool" as a "cucumber" approach to this oil spill. He knows how bad it could have been.

    I really think this being funny thing is working out for her. Maybe we should give it a try here sometime. But probably not, because, well, you know.

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