• Is the Democratic Party Killing Black People Through Eugenics?

    by Sarah Burton

    Republican Bill Marcy — who is in a run-off election today for the Republican nomination for Mississippi's 2nd district –, which is holding its run-off election today — seems to think so. Really. So much so that he wrote a book about it: Don't Let Me Confuse You With The Truth.

    While the outside of the book shows us Marcy's near-preternatural talent with MS Paint, it's on the inside that we discover his true genius — the genius of understanding how history works

    "How is it that descendant of slaves became so intertwined in a party whose history could only be paralleled to the Nazi Party as it relates to the black population, or has some hoax occurred?… [T]he main objective of the Democratic Party, through the practice of eugenics, is the destruction of African Americans."

    Well, I didn't know that before. Apparently, Marcy intuitively knows that the Democratic Party is trying to wipe out his race. He backs up his case by pointing out that the Democratic Party supported slavery, the KKK, and segregation.

    Wait a second, you may say. That was a long time ago. Hasn't the make-up and world views of the parties changed a teeny tiny bit in the past 60 years?

    No. Marcy tells you you're mistaken…

    "The truth is the has only been one party that has practiced racial hatred in the south. For 150 years the Democratic party was that party. It's true that many southern democrats became republicans. Another truth is; all but one of the most vehement race hating politicians who were elected democrats also died democrats."

    Marcy italicized and underlined it, so you know that it's true. It is definitely true that all the race hating politicians are dead. Republicans have never said anything racist against blacks.

    And wouldn't you know, Bill Marcy got a 100% rating on the Mississippi Tea Party Congressional Candidate Survey, which means that his answer to Question 19 must have been 100% correct…

    Yeah, this wasn't good enough for me, either.

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