• The Onion: Obama's Weekly Video Addresses Becoming Increasingly Avant-Garde

    I'm gonna have to say that I prefer President Bush's rhyming couplet poetry readings to whatever this is supposed to be. Sure, they were a little trite and kinda short on subtext, but at least they didn't give me nightmares…

    Weekly Address: Jobs Creation from White House Weekly Address on Vimeo.

    Obama, who sources said has been more introspective and isolated in recent months, made his first foray into the avant-garde last March, when he posted avideo titled "Red, White, and Doom" to the White House website. In it, the president, seated in the Oval Office with a skull-and-crossbones banner where the American flag would normally be, stares unblinkingly into the camera as the phrase "in God we trust" loops for four minutes and 33 seconds.

    "The president still wants to continue his dialogue with the American people," [White House communications director Dan] Pfeiffer said. "However, he's been getting really into Nam June Paik lately, and is passionate about using new technologies and techniques to communicate his message of hope and progress."

    I will say that that video works better if you play it on a loop while listening to Jethro Tull's Aqualung. But you can say the same about most presidential addresses.

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